Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Flame is LIT

Roque to the Rescue! Hot Cuban hairstylist to the stars (and my ex-boyfriend) ROQUE has taken charge of creating my flame! I went to his place yesterday to begin construction on my gay pride flame wig! Roque is also contributed another piece of my costume by parting with his own precious pair of length red pleather gloves from his days as the darling draglette "Roquette" (fear the high kicks).

He's generously emptying his house of all drag paraphernalia because it frightens his brand new boyfriend (a big hunk of blue-collar candadian love with gnarled knuckles) so if anyone out there can fit into a pair of 13 inch mary jane platforms, you know who to call.

Roque: keeper of the flame.

Roque is giving my gay pride flame wig the same swoop bang he gives to Mariah Carey ("It's all drag, honey," he says). The only thing is, real stars use real hair. "I give credit to anyone working with this synthetic stuff!" Roque says as he glues pieces of orange and yellow into my red $29.99 wig. When I tell him the flaming queen is considering hoofing it down fifth avenue with lit sparklers, he says that ought to make headlines. Synthetic hair is highly flammable.

Back in 2005 I tripped and fell face first into the pavement in my 8 inch stilettos. It was drag queen roadkill, people. The embarrassment of my life. But I could top it this year - Going out in a blazing flame of glory a la Jeanne d'Arc ? That beats all.

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Chad said...

I LOVE it! Now I just need to get you some flaming red and orange glitter for the makeup and you'll be all set!