Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back to Broadway

I've been on a theatre rampage recently. This week I saw two additional Broadway shows back to back. They were both excellent, and I don't say that a lot.

Coram Boy is gothic, dark as can be, and it chills you to the bone. But what's with that awful title? Coram Boy? Sounds like a jewish holiday. It just opened two weeks ago and the kicker? It's closing two weeks from now. This is not due to the poor choice of title -it's the audience.

I'm sick of silly, derivative theatre; audiences are not. Mamma Mia is still around?! Legally Bland is bound to be around forever, too, but something new that thinks for itself? Gone in a flash. And the number 1 money-making movie EVER: Spiderman 3. Ghastly, perfectly ghastly!

The revival of pulitzer prize winning "Talk Radio" perfectly articulates this point. Oh, the insipid interests of the masses! Liev Schreiber nails the original shock jock in a 1 hours 40 minute performance. Even without an intermission in the bone-crunching seats of the Longacre theatre, time flew. See these both while you can.

They'll soon be replaced by Spiderman (adapted from the screen!)

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