Monday, April 02, 2007

An unremarkable Anus

Just in: Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy, after noting the 9 drugs found in her system at the time of death also notes that her "anus is unremarkable." This is fascinating. I would like to know what makes her anus unremarkable. Was it not bleached?

This insight holds up an important unanswered question: What makes for a remarkable anus? --And how do I go about getting one? Is it the size and shape? Stretchability? Perhaps it's the power of the pucker. I'd really like to know. Wouldn't you?


Dop said...

I heard this term once after surgery. Unfortunately, "unremarkable" doesn't medically mean what we all have been taught to think. It simply means "there's nothing to note about it". So in essence, Anna Nicole had a boring anus. Which still is, in an of itself, remarkable.

yet another black guy said...

hmmm, what's remarkable is that CNN devoted 60 minutes to this broads' life. and then her anus got another 5. damn