Monday, April 16, 2007

Three Custom Color

My good friends Chad and Scott own a fabulous makeup company, Three Custom Color. I'm a huge fan of their stunning glitter (living my motto: if you aren't sparkling what are you doing?) And recently, their eyebrow pencils and bronzers, foundation and lipstick have garnered lots of press --getting attention on pages of major fashion magazines and even from the cast of "Desperate Housewives" who wear Three Custom Color on the show.

Scott and Chad can custom-make a lipstick the exact tangerine orange of your favorite sweater, or even the same chestnut eyeshadow as your eyes. All you have to do is send them in a swatch of your sweater, a pic of your eyes, or even what remains of that discontinued puce lip liner from Yves Saint Laurent. Three Custom will expertly knock it off, and for lots cheaper!

People send them snippets of all sorts of sundry items to match color, which prompted me to ask. "What's the strangest thing you've ever received in the mail?" Chad piped up, "Once we received a huge thatch of hair in a ziploc bag." Scott winced. "It wasn't hair from the head."

"Someone sent you their pubic hair?" Yes, they affirmed. "And it wasn't just one or two, it was the whole bush."

"Did you match the color?" "We can match any color," said Chad. They're that dependable.

Ever since that conversation, I can't get their satisfied customer out of my head. I imagine her shopping along Main Street. "What a beautiful shade of lipstick," a stranger compliments, and the woman puckers up to respond. "Don't you love it? It's the same shade as my pubes!"

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Chad said...

Actually she sent it in to us to create custom brow powder and tinted brow gel! I certainly can't imagine Camel Toe Brown Lipstick color...