Sunday, April 08, 2007

Madame Bido, to you.

Ever since the bladder infection (scroll down to the "not-so-fresh-feeling" post) Bam Bam hasn't been feeling sexual at all. I've heard of the right to take up arms, the right to remain silent, and certainly the right to sleep with as many people as possible. But Bam Bam threw me off the other night when he defended himself with "I've got a right to have a low libido!"

This argument left me speechless. I told my writer friend Ashley about Bam Bam's new "right," and she says, "low-libido...sounds like a drag name," she wrote it out on paper: Lola Bido.

Bam Bam's drag name has been born.


Bam Bam said...

That's Miss Lola Bido to you.

mich lyon said...

so - compared to you . . . he's a lola bido. but compared to the average person over the age of 30, perhaps its not so low?