Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Long Live Denmark

I've always considered Scandinavians the most evolved of humankind--just look at their laws, and the way they take care of each other and the planet (Norwegian whalers notwithstanding).

Plus they have integrity. Last year, the free press of Denmark ran comic renderings of the prophet Muhammed, and didn't fall prey to the "we're so sorry" mentality I mentioned a couple posts ago. When extremist muslims overreacted by killing people and burning Danish embassies --- what news did the American "free press" give us? The New York Times showed the Danish Embassy (in Syria) in flames on their front cover....but they didn't have the balls to show the cartoons (cartoons, people!) that incited the violence.

Danes are chill. Tivoli (in Copenhagen) is the world's first amusement park...and here it's no problem for gays to walk hand in hand through it. Try doing that at Disneyland. Or Syria. I have two great friends in Copenhagen -Magnus and Jacob- last time I visited, they told me gay marriage is legal in Denmark, but you can't marry in a church. This upset me, because of course you should be able to marry in a church.

They quickly corrected me. "Why would we want 2000 years of religious dogma clouding up our relationship?" Well said. Why didn't I think of that? I should've thought of that.

Magnus and Jacob recently called to announce they are getting married September 1st of this year. I'll scrape together some debt and get myself to Copenhagen.

This is one wedding I do not want to miss.

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