Friday, April 13, 2007

Flaming Queen

Thanks for all your suggestions---on which queen I should be for Gay Pride 2007 --it was a tough decision between Butt-Pirate Queen, Dairy Queen, Queen-Size Bed, but at last I've settled on something I've been accused of all my life: the Flaming Queen. I know her by heart.

Get ready for a sky high red torch of a wig, red hot heels, and not very much else. It wasn't just the name that suited me, or the ease of the costume. I can get back at the bullies from Junior High. In 2007, the one they called a flaming queen will be marching fabulously down Fifth Avenue, while I can only imagine what they're doing. Beating their wives? Carpooling? Eating a TV dinner?

Our crowned conglomerate "Long Live the Queens" will hit the streets on June 24. Look out!


Anonymous said...

*applauds* Bravo! Long live the Flaming Queen!

If you can somehow incorporate actual fire or sparklers into your look, you will be my queen hero.

Anonymous said...

if you are not sparkling, what the hell are you doing? I will paste this on my wall!

Cape Town pride 2007 was my first pride in all my life, I am 21 and I felt so good! I can't wait to attend all the prides of the world! I know I will, watch this space!

South Africa