Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Broadway Baby, at 81

Stage and screen legend Angela Lansbury is back on Broadway. Everybody is rushing to see her in "Deuce" probably for the same reason I did: last CHANCE to see her before she dies!

Lansbury is one of the last of old Hollywood, and you know how I feel about old Hollywood. Forget Murder, She Wrote--I remember her in Gaslight, Picture of Dorian Gray, and as the wickedest woman ever put to screen in (the original) Manchurian Candidate. Lansbury is legend.

In Terrence McNalley's play Deuce, she stars as a former doubles tennis pro, opposite Marian Seldes. They sit and speak for 90 minutes straight. I need a strong sedative to sit through any straight play, and this was no exception. You've got to get into the story, but first you've got to conquer the overwhelming desire to do anything but just listen.

Yes, the rumors are true. The actresses sometimes paused, forgetting a line, and you heard a stage lackey feeding them lines from behind a staircase set placed conveniently behind them.
However, the play is still in previews, so let's cut them some slack. Besides, Angela Lansbury is 81 years old.

One can't help but wonder: what motivates an elderly woman with a recent knee-replacement to submit herself to a taxing show 8 times a week? Is it cementing the legend? Ego-gratification? Proving she's still got it? If I asked her candidly, I believe she might likely respond...."What else am I gonna do?"

Ceratainly not curl up with the knitting. Wait to go, Angela --you stud.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo, Angela Lansbury is one truly classy lady!