Thursday, April 19, 2007


I was wandering through Barnes & Noble bookstore today at Astor Place. Strange kooky people are always wandering through bookstores. They seem to congregate together, and when an assortment of them gather, it's like they feed off one another's energy and it sometimes erupts. Like today. One haggard old punker started screaming about this insane country and school shootings and so on. Then he got personal.

"I've got everything and nothing, do you hear me?!" We all heard. He was screaming in the packed bookstore cafe. "Shh.." someone said, and then he stood up and kept on louder, and louder. "I've got everything and nothing!" Hmm. Recently I've been thinking the same thing about myself. Surely we all must, at certain times. Everyone's ears pricked up.

"I've got everything and nothing!" he bellowed as the staff shoved him out. "I've got a cigarette....and no lighter!"

Nice analogy.


Anonymous said...

Jesse, I think I know what your saying. I have done very well for myself, financially. I have a nice coop in Gramercy Park, a hugh stock portfolio, IRAs, medical coverage and hopefully a company pension at retirement. However, I don't really have many friends. I know people I can say hello to and engage in small-talk, but I have alot of trouble making real friends. I try, but it is very hard. So, at times, I feel I have everything and nothing. I know people will look at my financial assets and and say what is he complaining about, but loneliness hurts!

Anonymous said...

Jesse,, this is like the glass being half full or half empty.. On the other hand... I have a great bf since college.. 27 years this friday,, never wrk for anyone but myself... a headline stripper for 15 years,(most people looked down on me for that .. as I traveled the us in syle! yee ha!..) then interior design business,, kidney cancer,( ok thus far ) and so many friends that I am blessed... I mean really caring friends... and live a high lifestyle in scottdale but live from payck to payck.., financially I am screwed if something happens and I cannot work until death... but my life is wonderful and I would not change any of it if it meant sacrificing something else..... yet, I can say,, "I have everything (regarding a happy life) and nothing ( financially)