Monday, April 16, 2007

2nd Amendment

Today a gunman killed 32 people at Virginia Tech - in the most prolific killing spree in US History. This horrific event has the blogosphere fuming "GUN CONTROL!"

Gun control would solve what problem? They illegalized drugs...and are they gone? Are they no longer a menace to society? No. They're around only for those who really want them. Put strict gun controls, and who has the weapons? Only people who really want them. Only those with serious intent to kill. You'll only bolster a black market.

So as this world gets used to bombs and attacks, shootings and forced apologies, they want to take away more of my rights. Who is the good guy? In the eyes of whom? Someday one honky-tonk Bushie may get the notion to round up the defenseless fags or jews or persians and murder us one by one....because we no longer had the right to bear arms. That'll be right after they take away our wilting right to free speech. In the ultimate quest to take the freedom to be you and me.

Campus shootings are the sign of a much bigger societal problem - one that deserves a much deeper discourse than a knee-jerk "Gun Control!" scream from the liberal media. Just think --if a Virginia Tech student had a gun this morning, and had used it in defense, that shocking death toll would be a lot less than it is.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on this. I think we still need to have guns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Guns need to be strictly regulated, but not banned. Its nice to see another reasonable gay guy who is not a knee-jerk liberal!

Anonymous said...

Interesting though how these things only happen in states where anyone can walk in and buy a gun and unlimited amounts of ammunition. I mean why doesn't these school shootings happen in Boston? Or civiliced countires like Canada? Or Sweden? Gun control might not be the ultimate answer for a society going down. But it sure would help.