Friday, March 30, 2007

Walter Kurtz

I've been friends with the versatile photographer Walter Kurtz for several years. He's taken several series of shots with me, including the shirtless one that will appear on the cover of my upcoming book, "You Can Run." (click to see it)

Walter Kurtz is a pseudonym ripped off from Joseph Conrad's Colonel in "Heart of Darkness" ...the one who utters famous testament to his villanous life in his last breath: "the horror, the horror. " Kurtz' photography, however, is far from a horror. He has gotten much acclaim for his photographs of the male nude. Check them out on his website.

I used to appear all over the "portraits" page, but have now been reduced to his "warning" page (I'm old news). Walter generally shoots indoors at his studio in the west village, but these days he's branching outside.

On Wednesday, Walter took me up to the chilly roof of a Lower East Side multi-use building for some silly/serious shots.

"Jumping Jesse" - this is so me.

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