Monday, March 19, 2007

Take fiber for this fetish

The fun, fabulous, self-deprecating satirist, DJ, and mother of all drag Lady Bunny recently came up in conversation. One of my friends has known her a long time, back to when she worked for a phone sex line. Lady Bunny is a larger than life drag queen, but it seems she can fine tune her voice to the pitch of an actual female.

Lady Bunny. Not to be confused with Miss Manners

And because she's so bodacious, they gave Lady Bunny all the freaky, raunchy fetish phone calls. One caller that Bunny was given wanted to be shat upon. So Bunny took her time (minutes are money, honey) on the phone getting "undressed" and squatting over the man's face. She gruesomely described her fluttering anus quivering, opening up, and then BOOM! she announced to the caller "Diarrhea splashes all over your face!!"

At this the caller yelped, "Eww! Hard turds ONLY!"

He was disgruntled because, you know, there is an etiquette involved. A protocol expected. Even scat fans have compunction.

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