Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I know you are, but what am I?

You'll notice in the "letters" section of OUT magazine--there's a scathing bit from a reverend (out in Illinois) who was disgusted with my February column (how I treated the 19 year old clarinet player I slept with). The reverend states that the "Jesse Archers of the world" are responsible for gay drug abuse and suicide. Wow. If I were that influential, wouldn't I have a real job?

The OUT editors let me write a response, which (lamentably) is not the response found in the magazine. What it appears I wrote looks rather gracious, and let me just make this clear: I am not, nor will I ever seek to be magnanimous. Especially with righteous people.

My actual response began with this sentence:
"I am sure, Reverend, that you are much kinder to the young men you sleep with..."

Unfortunately, my response to the reverend was heavily censored. Probably because I am responsible for so much drug addiction and suicide.

And speaking of name-calling. Yes...the conversation in this month's column is totally true. My mother called me Darth Vader. She (now) thinks it's funny. I agree with her. It's funny when parents and children reverse roles.

So what did your mother call you?

In the piece, I reference my favorite Star Wars character--for your reference, here is Greedo.

I still go ga-ga for his gorgeous go-go boots.


Anonymous said...

Jesse, I think you owe no apology to anyone. You did not lead a young man on to think anymore of "what it was" to you...Isn't that called telling the truth? Oh,, maybe the reverend would prefer you to lie and lead him on a bit.. Hmm... seems like the most screwed people I know belong to organized religion,, ( my observation )Organized religion tends to create too many issues and an empty bank account! Perhaps the reverend should start the apoligies,,, where does it end?

Anonymous said...

I seem to agree with the previous comment,, I think " Out" should back you up on what you write,, I mean,, it was honest what you did,,, tell the reverend to " fuck himself" and let him know that we gay men, have no respect for "men" ( I am not sure he deserves that noun) that act like some self rightous asshole..... grow up reverend,,,, and get into the real world .. not your self serving judgemental almightyer than GOD! ,, oh, that is right,, you are above judging,, hmmmm you just did it with Jesse... grow up!- stephen memory,,,, scottsdale, az.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I have a question for the reverend - Is he a regular reader of Out Magazine? Or does the reverend get some perverse pleasure reading gay magazines, so that he can criticize and pontificate over those of us who live in the real world? You have nothing to apologize for! Get back to New York safe and soon, your friend Jimmy

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the editor in chief of "out magazine" when he actually took notice of this guy's comments? I mean,, someone who calls himself the reverend? Well,, this is his boss,,, God!... (he - the reverend, is full of shit!) yes,, I said Shit,, The reverend seems to encourages men like yourself to be dishonest!... who is the better man! Give me your hand Jesse.....

I know this sounds ridiculous,, but it sounds like the reverend in not dealing with a full deck!!!

libertine di homo said...

i'm totally killing myself after reading this blog entry. with vicodin.

but really...the reverand is clearly a nutbar. and out should seriously be ashamed of themselves for mangling your response. i'm more irritated with the fact that they re-worked it without your consent.

what happened to "editorial integrity"? they should've just a wrote a response themselves and said it was by "jesse archer" if they were going to pull that sort of nonsense...