Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gay Pride 2007

The "emergency" gay pride meeting has happened, and we've selected a theme for 2007:
"Long Live the Queens!" We'll all have crowns in common, but the skimpy outfits should be rather diverse, featuring queens throughout history such as:

Cleopatra, Marie AnnTwatNot, Elizabeth I, Queen of the Damned, Queen of Pop, the Queen Bee, Queen of hearts, and Anita Private morphing to "Anita Seatbelt" the almost queen, Lady Di(ed).

I'm not sure who I'll be yet, though I want something original. I thought of "Queen size bed" but who wants to carry a mattress around? I want to be pretty! I welcome suggestions.

Look for us on New York City's Fifth Avenue this June 24th!


Anonymous said...

Queen of Police (on the right), from Vegas in Space? Too referentially gay?

The Evil Queen from Snow White? Paul Lynde did it years ago for "Storybook Squares." It's not too pretty, though I bet you could make it prettier.

The X-Men's White Queen?

The Ice Queen? From Narnia or otherwise?

The Goblin Queen, also from the X-Men? Or a generic goblin queen?

Hope that helps.

mich lyon said...

queen for a day (or night)

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for the tips guys...I like the white queen (ice queen?) or I was mulling over the idea of Dairy Queen. An udder for a wig?

Anonymous said...

Oo, Dairy Queen! Lots more material there to work with (cream, chocolate, and the udders are a great touch).

Ice Queen is good if you want to be pretty/elaborate, maybe.