Monday, March 26, 2007

Dump on the Dancefloor

What's that smell wafting through the Roseland Ballroom? It's not poppers. Most people open their mouth to make a stink, but in New York City this weekend, someone opened the other end.

I went to Alegria lastnight, the follow up party to this Saturday/Sunday's leather-loving Black Party. Most at Alegria had already been up for two days, and though they said the Black Party wasn't the best, they did confess it was memorable.

Some dude took a shit on the dance floor. People were slipping in it. The pig who did it was rolling around in it. How very...Black Party.

The organizers got it cleared the area and made a quick clean-up. Said one friend, "I thought maybe they were going to have to turn off the music!" Oh, not that. That would totally have ruined the mood.

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Anonymous said...

how lovely