Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sex pays...Love costs!

That's the motto for the gay indie feature Boy Culture--a story about a hustler with scruples. So yeah, I'm not starring. I am, however, featured! I'm credited simply as "Hottie" and in the film I've got about five lines. You can see me for a second in the trailer below (--I'm the guy putting his shirt on---saying "Hi").

Boy Culture Official Movie Trailer

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I haven't seen the film myself, but I hope to see it in it's playing in the Mardi Gras film festival. If you see it before me, comment below and tell me what you thought! It was shot in Seattle a couple of septembers ago and opens in LA, NYC and SF on March 23.

Q. Allan Brocka is also the director of Eating Out, and I can't wait for his surefire hysterical stop-motion series: Rick & Steve: the happiest gay couple in all the world produced by MTV and coming atcha this summer!

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Dop said...

And a fabulous "Hi!" it was too. Looking forward to seeing the film.