Thursday, January 11, 2007

Unlimited Carry-On Flabbage!

This mature FUPA flew on the 12 seat puddlejumper you see behind. After seating myself, I brazenly turned around to witness how this terrestrial phenomenon planned to squeeze herself aboard an airborne craft. With a push and a shove and a heave-ho, she succeeded. More impressively, the two and a half seats she occupied withstood the incalculable pressure.

The FUPA is a flightless creature.
At right, we witness a rare exception.

Thankfully the pilot did not insist we strap into seatbelts and, mercifully, no stewardess was on hand to criminally offer any mid-flight cheeze doodles. While the other passengers considered the probability of a FUPA-precipitated two-ton tailspin into the uncharted Nicaraguan jungle, this speciman spent the hour-long flight applying make up onto her face. As if a little rouge could distract us.

For expert advice on the habits and ever-expanding habitats of the FUPA, visit the fupahunter.

1 comment:

Chad said...

LOVE her pedal pushers but I am sure not a pedal does she push!