Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Called Acting

Will Smith's latest film, some holiday fluff, has landed the top spot over the weekend. Shame. I resent Will Smith, and it's not just the brazen arrogance "I OWN the July 4th weekend," he's quoted as saying after setting box office records for profitable stinkbombs like "Independence Day". I don't dislike him because he's "Black enough for the blacks, and white enough for the whites," as they say.

Stockard Channing gave a powerhouse performance,
undermined by a yellow Will Smith. He's soooo straight.

I resent Will Smith because he is a coward. In the 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation (an adaptation of the fabulous play by John Guare) he plays a gay hustler that pretends to be the son of Sidney Poitier and cons Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing. Did I mention he plays a gay hustler? In one scene, Will Smith is required to kiss another (gasp!) man, played by Anthony Michael Hall. Their lips don't touch by a margin of about three feet. That's right, the camera cuts about 3 full feet from the kiss. Will Smith is so macho he not only refused to kiss another man for a role that required it, he refused to let the camera even pretend to come close. (Don't blame the director: Will Smith put this in his contract).

This had the desired effect. When I saw the film in 1993, girls screamed and clapped in the audience, "He didn't do it! Ha!" Will Smith invalidated the script, the integrity of the role (that he was paid millions to portray). He also invalidated the lives of every gay man who has ever seen the film. I still haven't recovered.


mich lyon said...

are you being 'mean' to will smith?

libertine di homo said...

i have to agree with you - it was a total disappointment that smith copped out. he was a total pussy about it.

it absolutely undermined guare's work - and muddled the point of "paul". the fact that he was gay is a major reason why the kitttredge's perceptions of people were eventually subverted.

also? i tire of smith's constant self-aggrandizement. it's like - we get it. you (smith) think you're awesome.

he should just really go and suck his own dick or something.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece on Will Smith. We saw Six Degrees on Broadway with Ms. Channing. The gay sex scene was hot – I remember being shocked as I hadn’t ever seen something like that live on a “legitimate” stage. Will is the poster boy for mediocrity and that is how America likes it – no edge. Yawn.