Thursday, December 07, 2006

If you see this man....tell him to come out of the closet!

Cooldan is not about to gamble on progress.

My best friend, the artist formerly known as COOLDan, has disappeared into a make-believe world of heterosexuality ever since his cousin arrived from Lebanon for a few weeks.

He promised his friends he would come out to her upon her arrival, but that didn't happen. Instead he has gone to extraordinary lengths to show her a "straight slice" of life. This includes hiding himself (and his cousin) from all of his friends. Are our gay lives (and his) unacceptable? Freakish? Illegitimate?


Daniel Lynott said... know I love you.....but I mean, holy are 31...aren't you completely gay yet..???????? And fuck your depressed cousin....I mean, shes not even on prescribed drugs...and your homophobic past is totally inhibiting your free present in the land of the brave....unbelievable. You have taken so many strides to become YOU, and now you backtrack like the civil war is starting over again,,but in Manhattan....I havemissed you over the past week and a half...I feel like our friendship has taken a back seat to religious prpaganda bullshit...haven't you realized at this point in your oversexual history that any organized ANYTHING is more the devil than that which they preach against?

Neighbor/Sexy dan...

Jean-Manuel said...

Are you two Jesse and Daniel out of your mind?! I find it shocking that you are shooting your gay preacher's venom to one of your best friends. I don't believe in kicking a man when he is down. Moreover it doesn't do to wash one's dirty linen in public and on top of that post his picture! Frankly! Why don't you e-mail the link to all his friends and family while you are at it?! Do you really know the whole family context? I won't even start the debate about Lebanese culture. I equally was sad and hurt by Dan's past two week disappearance. I must confess I was selfishly angry at him (and all the other bastards) who didn't show up at my new job celebration party....Jesse you know what I am talking did witness my burst of resentment...Anyway give him Love, that what he needs most right now because undoubtedly his soul must be torn apart. To end on a light note, as the Casino sign behind Dan I thought was saying when I first saw the photo, aren't we all "loose sluts"? Love you amazing triumvirate!!

Peter L Brundige said...

Darlings although I can relate to your disappointment regarding our darling Lebanese Dan's closet option. It is easier said than done. CULTURE as we know varies from country to country state to state city to city. Sometimes it is simply easier to keep those closet doors closed and at the right time one decides to kick the hinges off of the closet door and bust a move out into the open. The thing to remember here is not to out each other or force an outing but to support each other in making baby steps when the big boy step seems too big to take. Of course we missed him and find it ridiculous that we were all shoved under a rug aka back in the closet while the cousin was here monopolizing our friend's time. But at the end of the day he is still the adorably available at hello available to party Lebanese doll that we all know and love. Although all posted arguments are valid from each individuals point of view the fact remains that Dan is an amazing example of survivor of life's monkey wrenches and should be credited appropriately and supported during his process of coming out to all of his family as the appropriate time comes available. Whether he decided to come out to a cousin or not we are all grateful that he is alive and well and most certainly a rare and precious addition to all lives that he has touched. Love to all and he'd better not do that to himself again.