Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Four Letter Word (director and Cast)

Here's the fantastic cast of the upcoming gay romantic comedy A Four Letter Word.

Director/co-writer Casper Andreas is in the middle. I co-wrote and also play the lead slut, Luke, in red.

These (as yet un-retouched!) cast photos were taken by the inimitable HX photographer Wilsonmodels at the steamy studios of porn magnate Michael Lucas.

I was allowed to see a preliminary version of the film (still in editing stages) last week and it looks incredible! Despite the fact I'm all-too familiar with the script, it was hysterical. The "sexual compulsives meeting" scene was a highlight, as well as any scene with Zeke (Cory Grant) in the "Gayborhood", or anything involving snarky Trisha as a lesbian vamp in AA. Oh yeah wait--let's not forget the sex-scenes with Stephen (Charlie David)! Let's hear it for that hustler!

Next post on A Four Letter Word, I'll update the expected release (set for late spring 2007) and be sure to include the shirtless cast photo.

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Jim McClain jrm628@yahoo.com said...

I loved your blog again, but I loved your writing page and will purchase your book when it comes out. Your one friend who almost burned things down. Are you sure he is not related to some of my friends I go camping with. Most of my friends I can only go car camping with, because I am afraid I would end up having to assist them or someone else out. Since they would injure themselves with their stupidity. Anyway love your writing keep it up. Let us know when your movie comes out. By the way your the best looking of the group. You just don't look phoney in the picture (Most look like they are trying to look sexy). Your just sexy with your pesonality shining through.