Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Exclusive Lodging for Grandma Gloria

Recently, Grandma Gloria was evicted from her nursing home for insubordination. With the help of my mother (her daughter) she has found exclusive lodgings to rest (what's left of) her head. Thanks to the timely death of a stranger, Gloria has been admitted into an "Alzheimers Only" facility in Clackamas, Oregon!

Gloria (right) with her "Choir Teacher," this past summer.

Gloria has taken to the place like a duck to water. She is said to be playing hostess to the other confused residents and when my mother visits, Gloria introduces her as the "Choir Teacher". We're not sure why, as my mother doesn't sing outside of church.
Still, each time Gloria enquires, "Will you be singing tonight, Choir teacher?"
"Doesn't that bother you?" I ask my mom, who responds.
"I'm just glad she's stopped accusing me of having multiple husbands."

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