Thursday, November 16, 2006

Take a FUPA safari!

They're everywhere. The drive-thru, the food court, or my favorite: riding an elevator to the second floor. You've spotted this ever increasing breed of obese human known colloquially as a FUPA. They are known for their defining evolutionary feature. That is: the Fat Upper Pussy Area. (For the male genus: the Fat Upper Pubic Area)

Now you don't have to settle for watching them graze. Join the FUPA hunt now! Here you can discover FUPA throughout their manifold habitats, and contribute your own sightings!

Fupahunters give detailed advice how to capture geniune FUPA photos because, as they are not endangered by any means, the FUPA is shy of flash photography. And since they tend to stay in families or gather in groups called "schwaggles", FUPA's might stampede.

This is dangerous.


mich lyon said...

also called the venus or pubic mound - a specific liposuction procedure targets this area.

Mike said...

Ahhh, the elusive FUPA. Hunted by so many.