Thursday, November 09, 2006


Check out this 1950's anti-homosexual propoganda film. One never knows when the homosexual is about! (Where were they when I was a kid?!)

"He is sick. A sickness that's not visible like smallpox. A disease of the mind." Given how hot little Jimmy Barnes is, one can hardly blame him. My only misgiving here is that the wardrobe department didn't have the budget to dress these pedophiles as priests.

View the full length video here.


Ba'ab said...

I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and hitched all over South Florida from age 15 into my 20's - half the time carrying a violin. All my friends did too (without the violin). They were always being picked up by queers and being offered money and blow jobs.

Finally when I was about 20 I got picked up by a tow truck driver who put the moves on me, but I chickened out. He let me off by the Gateway and I got picked up by some perve. I regretted not going with the tow truck driver.

I stopped thumbing after I was picked up by an Arthur Murray dance instructor. He was a creep, but I didn't know other gays guys. He took me home; it wasn't rape, but the sex was coercive (maybe that is rape). I bought a VW beetle soon after.

Jesse Archer said...

I'm thankful you finally found freedom. In the form of a VW Bug! Hope you're writing your memoirs.