Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What is a Merkin?

My friend Chad saw an article on a London theatrical production where the male lead had to shave his pubic region. He literally shaved off those pubes and audiences began to wonder: how can an actor shave off his pubes for each night? It turns out, for those of us in the dark, that he wears a MERKIN: also known as a pubic wig.

Apparently merkins have been around for quite some time, for centuries in fact. Merkins were originally used to cover syphilitic pustules (I'm getting a visual), are made with Yak or human hair, and are sold now as fetish items "for both the voyeur and the exhibitionist". Just shave your own pubes, add some glue, and slap one on! I'm horny already.

As our species continue to evolve, and lose body hair in the process, one can only imagine a future (beginning with those hairless Germanic types) full of mail order merkins because pubic hair will always be erotic for the voyeur, and the exhibitionist. And the rest of us, too.

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