Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vaginal Sex causes Mental Retardation

I recently read a post from boysbriefs. He stuck a sign "Vote NO on Proposition 107" in his Arizona front lawn. As he mentions, gay marriage is already illegal in Arizona, and proposition 107 would further discriminate by eliminating health benefits for all unmarried couples. Well, somebody stole his sign.

Because you shouldn't have health benefits, marriage, or the first fucking amendment.

This reminds me of an analagous scenario in another part of the world. Stagnant brain syndrome affects our species from America to Zimbabwe.

Do as we say or you'll die and burn in hell. This sign sponsored by intelligent design.

I took this photo in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, in May 2006. Check out the rust. How long has it hung here? Who has allowed it to hang here?

Zimbabwe has the fastest diminishing economy in the world, and also has the highest per capita incidence of HIV infection in the world because they perpetuate African superstitions like "Fuck a virgin to cure yourself of AIDS". And also because here it is possible to put an outright religious lie in the poison guise of scientific fact and hang it up for all to see. For years. In the nation's capital.

What if I hoofed it to a blacksmith, and commissioned him to fire up a slab of tin with a quote I firmly believe - something like "Poverty makes you ignorant so stop breeding" or "When deep throating, use your diaphragm" or "Vote NO on Proposition 107"? How long would my sign last if I nailed it to a tree in the center of Harare, Zimbabwe?

How long would it last if I placed it in my own American front lawn?

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