Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Regifting Etiquette for Dummies

I'm all about regifting. Got a birthday coming up? I've got something for you. There's a pile in my room just waiting for an occasion. It feels so good to recycle, and New York City is made for it. We can't keep anything. Every day a choice must be made on what to keep and what to toss.

I have gained experience in this art. Last year, when re-gifting a leatherbound journal, my thankful friend opened it, and to my horror we both saw what I had forgotten to check. There were two personal journal entries penned by yours truly, inside her gift. Which was originally my gift, of course, long ago.

My hunky boyfriend Bam Bam recently raided my re-gifting pile and put on a pair of (expensive) Ginch Gonch underwear.


"Hey, I was going to re-gift those!" I told him. "I know," he said, "I left the tag on your dresser, so you can just replace it." Oh yeah, and I thought regifting a journal with a diary entry was crude. I could just see a friend opening his birthday gift to find brand name undies autographed with a celebratory skidmark. "Well," said Bam Bam, "Give them to a friend you don't like that much."

Bam Bam (center) is wearing underwear that may one day be regifted

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Casper said...

Is that the leather bound journal that I bought for you? Who has it now?

I know for a fact that those are the undies that Charlie gave you!