Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Gayby Boom

Sex and the City taught straight ladies (apparently there were those who didn't know) that the ultimate accessory is not a pair of Manolos, but a gay friend. A gay friend is an arm ornament, a safety zone and a bank of compliments all rolled into one.

But while straight women are seeking out gay friends, gay men are seeking out motherhood. That's right-children. The latest trend in gay accessories are known in the vernacular as gaybys.

A friend recently attended an uptown party and a couple of well-to-do gays were toting their one year old twin girls dressed in white fur coats. Let's hope it's faux fur or these gaybys may have to worry if their two daddies were stoned to death by gay bashers or by PETA activists. Not even able to walk and they've got matching fur coats! And I thought the dogs were spoiled in Manhattan.

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