Thursday, October 26, 2006

Biggest Bitch on the Planet

The new African wild dog exhibit at the Bronx Zoo would have you believing that this endangered species are good to each other. They eat as a family and share without argument, are "close knit", and the whole pack shares in raising the pups.

What the exhibit in the Bronx fails to mention is what I learned on Safari. The reason the pack shares in raising the pups is that the dominant female is the only one allowed to breed. Should another female get poked and pregnant, once her brood is born, the dominant female kills them and forces that mother to assist in suckling her litter. "Nurse, this!"

See her live in the Bronx! The world's biggest bitch.

They say we mustn't put human traits on animals as each species has evolved their own way to best survive. For example, the offspring of the dominant female are sure to be stronger than the offspring of another. But you know it really isn't working so well because there's only about 5,000 wild dogs left in Africa. The reason could be animal karma. This bitch puts Madea to shame.

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